FAU-G Game Download,Release Date,Indian PUBG Announced by Akshay Kumar After PUBG Ban.

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All About FAU-G Game

An Indian gaming company under the membership of Akshay Kumar is all set to develop a multiplayer action game name FAU-G.FAU-G will be an online multiplayer battle game like PUBG and Call Of Duty,20% of the net revenue from this game will be generated to BHARAT KE VEER TRUST.FAU-G is the first Indian battle game in which many people can play together.It will completely under India and no other international company can be associated with it.You have to wait a few more days if you want to know the release date and FAU-G Game Download way.

After the ban on PUBG in India,Akshay Kumar and an Indian gaming company decided to launce another battleship game like PUBG in India.
And the game will be developed by Indian game industry.Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar promoted the development of FAU-G through his Twitter account.

FAU-G Game Download

Vishal Gondal, who is the CEO of GOQII, posted a tweet on Friday to reveal the development of FAU-G. Gondal, who founded India games in 1999, which he sold to Disney in 2011, had invested an undisclosed amount in nCore Games in March last year

Latest News About FAU-G

FAU-G is in development by a Bengaluru-based mobile game publisher.

  • Know Some Features Of This Game.The game will have Excellent graphics.
  • Many can be played together.
  • You can play by making your own team.
  • Choosing any maps or game modes will be very nice.
  • Technically will be the most popular game in India.
  • Must be very much skillful.
DevelopersBengaluru-based mobile game publisher.
ReleaseComing very soon

Launch Date

Although Akshay Kumar and the Indian gaming company have announced the launch of the game on their accounts,but the launch date of the game has not been given yet,but the game will be launched very soon.

Launch Date:Coming Very Soon.


When the FAU-G game is released you can download it form Play Store,Apple Store And from also our website or any other website in Google Chorom.

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